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Conditions of Entry: Open to horses registered in any WAHO (World of Arabian Horse Organisation) recognised Studbook by the closing date of entries.


Qualification: All horses except yearlings should have qualified at an ECAHO affiliated show after 2016, in one of the following ways:

  • Gold, Silver or Bronze medal winner or Class winner (Top 5) at a Title Show or an A or B (Intl or Nat) Championship
  • Gold, Silver or Bronze medal winner or Class winner (Top 3) at a C Intl or National Championship
  • Gold, Silver or Bronze medal winner at a C Nat, Specific Origin or D Regional Championship
  • Champion, Reserve Champion or Class winner (Top 3) at a Title Show or an A, B or National Championship Horses registered in countries, which are not Members of ECAHO, must qualify either at an ECAHO affiliated show or at another show accepted by the EAHSC, such as Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal Winners, Champion or Reserve Champion at the US National Championships, the US Regional Championships, the Las Vegas Show or the Scottsdale Show.


Yearlings must be qualified in any foal classes in any shows. Yearlings must be weaned and they may not be shown with less than 6 months of age.


Ownership registration of the horses participating from Qatar must be at least six months prior to the date of show.


A penalty of QR.5000/- (Qatar Riyals Five Thousand Only) will be imposed on any owner who withdraws their horse after registration within 10days prior to the show without a valid medical reason.


Championships: Yearling males, Yearling females, Junior males, Junior females, Senior males and Senior females.


Classes: Age groups are determined by date of birth, with the year starting on 01st October and ending on 30th September for the Junior Classes (Fillies and Colts as per the Middle East breeding season) and starting 1st January and ending on 31st December for the Senior Classes (Mares and Stallions). The Organising Committee reserves the right to limit the total number of Entries per exhibitor and per class. (Details will be specified in the Show Schedule).

Class Splitting will be based according to the age.


QREC has the right to accept / reject the application or stop the entry forms at any case.