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Panorama of Arabian horse-inspired events wowing audiences along with KIAHF-2023 at Katara 


A huge public turnout continues to keep pace with the various cultural events that being held on the sidelines of the 3rd edition of Katara International Arabian Horse Festival (KIAHF-2023), organized by the Cultural Village Foundation – Katara under the generous patronage of His Highness The Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.  

The cultural events accompanying KIAHF-2023 include about 35 diverse events – ranging from exhibitions, art workshops, artistic performances to various competitions. 

On Saturday, when the championship finals of the Arabian Peninsula show of KIAHF-2023 will be held from 3.30pm, Katara will also open an exhibition by Peter Upton, “The Journey…The Tale of the Arabian Horse”, at 8:30pm in Building 13 of the Katara Cultural Village.  

Upton is well-known for his paintings depicting the Arab horse. The exhibition presents a large collection of his paintings. 

Meanwhile, the waterfront of Katara Cultural Village continues to witness families engaged in various art workshops for children of various age groups. There are six artistic workshops – ranging from manual horse-related work, cutting and pasting workshops, sewing horse dolls, papier-mache, and nails and thread workshops. These workshops have been registering a great interaction from the participating children. 

Parents are praising the idea of these workshops and the other activities at KIAHF-2023 where children are enjoying and learning more about the equestrian culture from a creative point of view. 

The artwork presented by artist Tariq Maarkesh is receiving rave reviews from visitors at KIAHF. The artwork – the size of a natural horse – with stained glass has approximately five-thousand small pieces of glass. 

Similarly, the “Interactive Mirrors” showcasing top horse paintings have been introduced for the first time at Katara. There are also 8 artists who are painting a mural measuring 75 x 1 meter, divided into two parts, wood and glass. 

Hall (1) in Building (47) of Katara also includes the “Symphony of Authenticity” exhibition by plastic artist Ali Al-Mimar which has 15 distinguished plastic paintings in which the artist has used oil and acrylic colors as part of a unique artistic work that embodies everything related to the Arabian horse.  

Ali Al-Mimar’s creative work is characterized by a distinguished artistic style with high accuracy and breathtaking aesthetics in various styles – whether realistic, influential or abstract, in which he highlighted and skillfully uses colour effects to form a mixture of beauty and creativity. 

It is noteworthy that Ali Al-Mimar was born in Baghdad in 1965 and began his art studies at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad in 1985 and passed with distinction and has since participated in many international exhibitions. He is considered as one of the top artists in the world for his depiction of the Arabian horse. 

His works reflect the magic of the originality of Arabian horses – mixed with realism and romantic imagination.