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Katara Purebred Arabian Qualifiers Auction

 Katara Purebred Arabian Horses – Qualifiers Auction | 29th January 2021


Rules and procedures


  1. Horses participating in this auction must have been registered and approved for participation in the Title Show of the Katara International Arabian Horse Festival 2021. This is the 30th time that Qatar is conducting an International Arabian Horse Show.
  2. Qualifications of each participating horse must be submitted while registering.
  3. A veterinarian report is required in an appropriate format by a registered veterinary who is not the owner of the horse.
  1. A recent video of the horse to be submitted in the process of the application and approval – Specifications: 2MB | Less than 1 minute | A still horse and a horse in motion.
  1. A high-resolution image is to be sent to the organizers in the process of the application and approval – Specifications- 300dpi | Jpeg | Full horse image and head and neck image with basic and clear background.


Note – The organizer has the right to accept/reject applications or stop entry forms in any given case.


Bidding Terms and Conditions


Article 1

Sale Organiser

Cultural Village Foundation, Katara & Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) are the organisers of the auction.


Article 2

Release of Katara & QREC from Responsibility for Sold Lots

A bidder acknowledges that they have fully inspected the horses, subject of the bid, in a way that leaves no room for ignorance and that Katara & QREC do not give any guarantees for any purchase made. Purchasers should verify the condition and description of the horses without recourse to Katara and QREC (Sale Organisers) with any claims proving fraud in relation to the sold horses. The auctioneer/organisers will not be responsible for any consequence of the purchase process. Each sold lot becomes the property of the highest bidder at the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer. Purchasers shall assume responsibility for all costs and expenses related to the care, maintaining and control of a purchased lot with effect from the Sale day. In case of failure of any bidding and non-compliance with these conditions, the related deposit will be forfeited. Accordingly, the Sale Organiser (Katara and QREC), will not have the least legal responsibility for any injuries, diseases of all types and particularly venereal diseases, pregnancy etc. found in the sold lots. A bidder should verify such in advance without recourse to Katara and QREC with any future responsibility once the selling is made.


Article 3

Deposit Amount

The sum of the deposit to be paid by a purchaser is considered temporary until the selling process is finalised. Accordingly, each purchaser shall pay a temporary deposit of QR 20,000.00 (Qatar Riyals Twenty Thousand only) in cash with the Festival Treasury. Then, a bidding number will be assigned to each registered purchaser for personal use during the Sale. Such deposit shall be refunded in full in the event no purchases are made or no purchase is adjusted against any purchase price or incurred expenses. In the event a purchaser does not finalise the selling, their deposit shall be forfeited for breaching the conditions of the Sale and prejudicing the vendor who have missed the opportunity to sell their horses during the Sale.


Article 4

Selling Completion Form (Specimen 2)

A purchaser shall attend at the QREC Accounts Section in order to collect the Purchaser Identification Form (Specimen 2) and complete the same with required information contained therein, including the date of the sale, the full name of the purchaser, the postal address, the mobile phone number, the bank account number and the name of the bank name. Upon the completion of each selling transaction, a purchaser shall immediately complete and sign this form, confirming the purchase.


Article 5

Bid Acceptance

A bid will be accepted only from a registered bidder having a bid number. Each time a bidder raises their bid number, the bid value shall be increased by an amount declared by the auctioneer for each selling transaction.


Article 6

Non-eligibility of Owner to Cancel Selling Transaction

An owner may not cancel selling once a bidding for a lot has been completed for the highest price until such owner acquires the property of the lot exhibited in the respective bidding.


Article 7

Selling Price

A vendor shall price their lot(s) before the start of the Sale. In the event the final bid price of the lot(s) is lower than that determined by the vendor, the lot(s) in question will be returned to the vendor unless the latter has informed the KIAHF Auction Management of their acceptance of the final bid price.


Article 8

Any successful bidder will not be allowed to withdraw their bid or refuse to pay; otherwise they will not be allowed to participate in any sale held at KIAHF.


Article 9

Inspection of Lots

A purchaser will inspect lots prior to purchase and will be considered aware of the condition of the lot(s) in a way that leaves no room for ignorance. Selling shall be completed on the basis of the condition of the sold lots and the place(s) where they are located.


Article 10

Sale Fees

A fee of 5% of the total amount of each lot sold shall be charged from the vendor in favour of the Organiser (KIAHF) even if the selling arrangements have not been completed.


Article 11

Payment of Purchase Price and Completion of Ownership Transfer Form

A purchaser shall complete a form, available at the QREC Horse Registry, for the transfer of the ownership of the purchased lots. They shall also pay the full value, either in cash or under a payable cheque, to QREC. The ownership will be transferred and the passport will be changed only after the full amount has been paid or the cheque has been cashed.


Article 12

Removal of Lots Exhibited in Sale outside QREC

Both purchasers and vendors shall remove and transport the horses from the Sale Venue immediately after the Sale. Failure to do so shall result in applying a penalty of QR 2,000 (Qatar Riyals Two Thousand) per day of delay. No exceptions shall be allowed in this respect. However, after the Sale, QREC will move horses purchased by purchasers from outside Qatar from the Sale venue to QREC stables for a maximum time limit of 15 days after which the above fine shall be applied directly to the concerned purchaser. Kindly note that QREC will only provide the room for the horses and will not bear the cost of food, health care, and other related expenditures.


Article 13

Mares In Foal

Katara and QREC disclaim all responsibility in the event a mare in foal, as advised by her owner, is sold at the Sale and it is found out later that the mare in question is not in foal or in the event the same mare foals and it is found out later, after the DNA test is performed, that the sire is not the same as mentioned in the covering certificate.

Katara and QREC disclaim all responsibility in the event a mare and her foal are sold together at the Sale, and it is found out later, after the DNA test is performed, that the sire and/or the dam is/are not the same as mentioned in the covering certificate.


Article 14

Principle of Transparency between Bidders

By virtue of the principle of transparency between bidders, KIAHF Auction Management and QREC obligate all, especially vendors, not to administer any doping material to the lots sold and exhibited at the Sale with a view to exhibiting them in good condition. In the event such administration of doping material is proved, a purchaser will have the right to refuse or accept the lots in the condition as they have purchased them without any intervention from or obligations on Katara or QREC. However, in the event of purchaser’s refusal, they will have the right to recover the value they have paid and Katara will be entitled to its established percent as agreed under the rules of the Sale.


Article 15

Payment of 20% of Bid Amount on Sale Day

A purchaser shall pay at least 20% in cash of the bid amount on the day of the Sale and the remainder shall be paid after the Sale or deducted from the respective purchaser’s prize money with QREC if such purchaser has horses participating in the Auction organised at Katara.

Article 16

Purchaser’s Failure to Pay Full Value on Time

In the event a purchaser fails to make full payment on time, then the sold lot shall revert to the original owner without a warning or payment notice and the deposit paid by the purchaser shall be forfeited in favour of the Organiser (KIAHF Auction Management).


Article 17

Law of Tenders and Auctions No. 26 of 2005

For any matter not provided for in these Articles, the State of Qatar’s Law of Tenders and Auctions No. 26 of 2005 shall apply.


Important Notes:

  1. Katara and QREC will not bear any responsibility towards any vendor or purchaser for any procedure related to the Sale, as the Organiser’s responsibility is limited to the organisation of sale only.

Katara and QREC will not bear any responsibility for any dispute, which may arise between the original owner (vendor) and the new owner (purchaser). The conditions of the Sale shall apply to any disputes.