PHONE:         +97444080000


ADDRESS:  Cultural Village Foundation – Katara

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Francesco Santoro (ITA),
Klaus G Beste (GER),
Micheala Weidner (GER) ,
Gianmarco Aragno (ITA),
Steve Lieblang (USA),
Jerzy Bialobok (POL),
Ahmed Hamza (EG),
Ann Norden (SWE),
Anna Stajanowska (POL)
Gideon Reisel (NL)
Tomasz Tarczynski (PL)

Disciplinary Committee
Dr. Laura Mascagna (ITA),
Malak Benamar (MAR),
Alicja Poszepczynska (PL)
Roberto Ceccaroni (IT)
Alberto Manerba (IT)

Ring Master
Mohammed Hammad (IT)
Abdulla Bermaki
Thuraya Barzan Al Tikriti